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Take your team on an off-site they will never forget and be the hero/heroine of your company that everyone thanks! 

Kate leads three types of day or half-day workshops for small businesses and corporations at ranches around the country.

1) Strengths-Driven Training Retreats

A no-distractions day outside of the comfort zone of the office to dive deeper into what is and isn't working at work. 


Ideal for an in-tact or cross-functional team to come together to work on communication, trust, clarity, values, leadership, and culture. 

Partnering with horses in nature provides immediate, non-judgemental feedback for employees on their emotional and energy intelligence.

Specific activities are curated based on the group's intentions and goals for learning and an action-plan is crafted based on the solutions and strengths that are present. The focused priority is on business break-throughs that lead to greater performance and engagement. 

This off-site addresses the challenges with the "Great Resignation" and provides leaders with immediate feedback and action steps to take to retain great talent!

Some topics that can be covered are around re-entry anxiety after remote work, how to successfully co-create a hybrid office, inclusion and diversity, mindfulness, and the future of work.

2) Celebration Retreats

A conscious pause and day of celebrating and connecting with your team. Similar to a team building but much more advanced than just time together bowling or drinking!

Perfect for teams who have been through a recent project launch or stellar quarter and want a special way to acknowledge their accomplishments and each other.

These often include planned activities to debrief what worked, anchor important learnings, and grow joy and appreciation which sparks continued satisfaction.

Research shows that when individuals feel appreciated at work, they stay longer and have more sustainable productivity. 

3) Leadership Retreats - Multi-day/stand-alone retreats or 6 Month Packages with on-going coaching and in-person retreats in partnership with other Organizational Development professionals

Kate co-facilitates with a herd of horses and brings her certification in Equine Experiential Education which has a specific focus in corporate training and her 15+ years working as a corporate marketing executive at major brands, including a special understanding of servant leadership and conscious capitalism. 

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"Equine coaching was an innovative and deeply human way for me and our PTTOW! members to remove the boundaries between ourselves and the world around us.

Kate provided an experience for our membership that was not only memorable but deeply moving and impactful.  

           -Roman Tsunder, CEO & Co-Founder PTTOW! & WORLDZ 


Our Equine Development sessions with Kate delivered real impact for the team. 

Kate’s thoughtful partnership was evident in the way she worked with us to plan

and made sure the program design and activities aligned with our offsite goals. 

Kate brings a unique blend of expert equine coaching and deep entertainment industry experience to her work which really resonated with our team. 

The whole experience was very powerful for the participants

– fostering team connection, self insight, and shifts in perspective. 

I’d highly recommend Kate’s powerful and innovative approach to individuals and teams

who want to improve themselves using a completely unique development approach. 

Being at the beautiful ranch for a day is a wonderful opportunity for renewal, grounding,

and reflection, and it was a wonderful experience for our group. 

        - Helen Adair, VP Global Learning & Development, Paramount Pictures


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