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Awakening With Equines Card Deck

About the

Card Deck

One day the horses said....."write down what we teach"

So I quickly made a list of the 40 emotional intelligence qualities I've learned from the equines and then they asked me to create a card deck to help others always have the horse with them!

This is a first-of-its-kind horse wisdom card deck with....

+40 original works-of-art depicting the human-horse bond

+A booklet that includes channeled horse wisdom, coaching, and unique activities to do with your equines

+An embroidered velvet bag

This deck is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who adores horses, wants to understand them better, enjoys personal growth, and is uplifted by high-vibrational art.

Artwork by Nica Ware @Nica_Draws_Nature

Booklet written by Kate Neligan

Visioned by the Equines and created by Kate

Locally sourced with a family-owned high-quality printer, woman-owned embroidery company, and shipped from one of the friendliest post offices in the US!


PLUS my horses bless each package before it's sent out and people often tell me they can feel potent energy around the deck as soon as they open it.

The deck has already won the Winnie Award at the Equus Film Festival and been featured on the HEAL & Journey On podcasts. It's currently in the hands of celebrities, CEOs, equestrians, and Temple Grandin was gifted the first one in person.


It's an excellent addition to anyone working with card decks either personally or professionally and offering readings. It's also an incredible tool for any equine-assisted therapy or coaching practice or for those who teach riding/horsemanship.


Let your horse(s) pull a card and see what they want you to focus on with them!

Some uses we've already seen:

+In the lobby of healing clinics

+Brought into retreats

+Offered in card spreads for oracle readings

+Pulled daily or weekly for guidance for self or loved ones

+On tables at conferences so an audience can pull a card when they stop by

+Part of 1:1 private equine coaching/therapy or animal communication sessions

+At full moon ceremonies, corporate team buildings or in workshops

+Gifted for holiday or birthday gifts or to appreciate your veterinarian/service provider

Questions: Contact Kate at

"The AWE card deck is a beautiful blend of a master class in coaching by Kate and the magical channeling from the horses. This is my favorite card deck that I’ve ever purchased! The wisdom from the horses and the whimsical artwork brings everything together for what feels like a private, meditative coaching session. I ask the card deck weekly to guide my vision and stay on track with my intentions. The AWE deck has so many benefits and I've had many manifestations using the cards. Thank you for developing this beautiful deck." - Christy

"I am really pleased with them, they are so pretty and luxurious! I was actually emotional whilst looking through them all, they really are touchingly beautiful and I’m looking forward to receiving their guidance." -  Neve


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