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Learning, Healing & Coaching with Horses (and Goats too!)


What if the most powerful and important teacher in your life this year was a horse?


Life-transforming change comes from increased self-awareness, playful experiential learning, intention setting, and implementation. All of this is possible when you are coached by a horse and equine-partnered faciliator in a synergistic approach.


Horses teach us lessons about..............

- Presence, Power, Trust, Self-Love, Self-Care, Acceptance, Relationships, Communication, Respect and Rapport, , Mindfulness, Boundaries, Leadership, Authenticity, Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Goal Setting, Surrender, Taking Up Space, Overcoming Fears, Decision Making, Blending Strength and Softness, and much more...

1:1 Privates In-Person (at a local ranch) or Virtually (horses join on Zoom):

  • 90 minute sessions focused on your specific intentions and goals (mix of modalities between coaching, intuitive  readings, horse listening, meditation, and energy healing) 

Small Groups:

3 hour workshops with a minimum of 4 people customized to your group's intentions (i.e. great for friends, family, schools or non-profit organizations) 

3 or 6 Month Coaching Packages: 

  • Includes 2 in-person coaching sessions per month (90 mins/each) at your convenience with text and email support during business hours with occasional 20 min power calls and resource sharing

VIP Days:

  • Based on your specific intentions and to facilitate a breakthrough experience. Themes: Personal Growth & Healing Day, Bucketlist Celebration Day, Professional Growth & Personal Branding Day

  • 10am - 5pm with horses in nature. Includes a pre-day call to structure an agenda to support your major goals. Day of support includes lunch, snacks, coaching, meditation, physical exercise, and marketing support for personal and professional branding/business development (if desired).


Wellness Retreats


  • Weekend get-away with horses, hiking, healing, yoga, painting, healthy food, etc. available in Boulder, CO, Malibu, CA, Austin, TX, Napa, CA, Hawaii (Maui and Big Island) or Costa Rica. Choice of coaching retreats or encounter experiences with wild horses (CO or CA).

  • Silent Retreat Days available in Longmont, CO with nature, goats, and horses and various self-awareness/exploration stations 


Social Events:


  • 2 hour events through Meetup (i.e. Meditations, Farm Yoga, Vision Boards, Soundbaths, Creativity/Painting Ponies)

  • Available for special events and celebrations, customized to your group's interests 



  • Private sessions, workshops, and retreats are available in Longmont, CO (15 mins from Boulder/45 mins from Denver) at a private ranch with a healing herd of up to five horses and four goats

  • Kate also frequently travels to the Los Angeles area and leads private sessions and corporate groups at a ranch in Thousand Oaks, CA and the surrounding areas (i.e. San Diego to Santa Barbara as well)

  • Upon reservation you will receive details and directions

  • No previous experience with horses is needed

  • All exercises are done on the ground, NO riding is involved                                                      

Kate is also available to travel to your ranch/barn and work on your property or as part of your retreat. She is also available for co-facilitation opportunities with other coaches/therapists.


“Horses remind us of who we truly are as they require our presence, evoke our joy, celebrate our authenticity, and return us to our innocence. Simply put, they help us to awaken."

– Kate Neligan

Tropical Leaves
Paula A. - Wine Sales

"I've been going to Kate and the horses for life coaching sessions and workshops for years now and always leave feeling better. She helps me to find my own answers and to see more possibilities than I could have on my own. The horses help me to see the real me and together they help me unlock my potential. I call Kate "Dr. Doolittle" because she can really sense and feel what the horses are doing and saying."

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