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Are you considering a career with horses and curious about equine-partnered coaching?


Or maybe you already have one but are looking to take your EAL or EAP practice to the next level with an advanced toolkit and skills that incorporates spirituality and intuition while also honoring horses at a higher level?

There are many options when it comes to EAL/EAP training but the Awakening With Equines certification program is completely unique and fills in the important gaps that other programs miss.

During our 6 months together, you will receive both 1:1 coaching and group coaching. Every other week there is a 90 minute training class and in the off weeks we have office hours where you can ask questions. You'll also receive three personalized support calls that address your specific challenges and goals as you build your practice.

The AWE program covers three main curriculum modules, each covering 2 months:

1: Spiritual Psychology

- Mindfulness skills and spiritual principles that will make you an effective, empathic, and confident facilitator in human-horse relationship. The focus is on making you the best facilitator possible.

2. Horse Psychology

- Animal communication skills and human-animal bond research that will help you to deeply understand and honor horses as partners and spiritual teachers in experiential education. The focus is on co-creating an incredible working partnership with equines.

3. Success Psychology

- Marketing skills and business development strategy so your practice is completely authentic to YOU and sets you up for sustainable success. The focus is on developing your business to fit your goals and lifestyle.

Program Dates/Details:


The first cohort ran in 2022 and filled with four participants from all four time zones across the United States.

The next cohort begins June 2024 and ends November 204. There is already significant interest and only 3 spaces left as the group is intentionally kept intimate.

If interested in learning more about this program please join one of our informational webinars on Zoom to learn more and see if this is a fit for you. The next one is listed here:

You can also email me at or schedule a catalyst call using the button on homepage to ask questions.

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“For the past year, Kate has served as an accountability partner and coach to me as I have transitioned from corporate life to entrepreneurship. She is a great listener and brilliant marketer who has given me ideas that I have implemented and support that has helped me to grow both my business and as a person.”

-Ali K. Entrepreneur 

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