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Equine Coaching Reviews

The words I hear the most from people during and after this work are: awesome, transformational, life-changing, enlightening, better than expected, and break-through! I'm deeply honored and grateful to partner with horses in personal and professional development. This healing work is my highest and best offering of my education, experience, passion, and gifts. 


"Today's workshop with you was a game changer for me. Thank you for this work that you do and integrating the horses into our healing and growth process. I was carrying something around for 36 years that I finally got to clear and heal today, it was huge and so much has changed for the better because of this session. I will be back and bringing as many friends as possible. Today was magical!"                               


"Our last session was very, very powerful for me and it swung the pendulum on a fast forward path for me, and I have been holding on for dear life, but in a good way. It’s hard to describe how much our two sessions healed me. You have been such a lifeline to me!” – Chi S., Cable Executive 



"I had an inspiring time with Kate and the horses! For me, it was perfect timing to receive answers to some of my biggest questions surrounding romance and partnership. Working with the horses shed new light on my own fears of being vulnerable and intimate. I learned how to ask for help in a specific way and it was magical to see what showed up in the ring. I loved it. Kate's facilitation as a coach was full of intuition and patience and I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants greater self-awareness and is ready for a breakthrough."

- Nancy N., Entrepreneur/Landscape Designer



“I loved how I was able to really get in touch with my emotions and release a lot of tension. I’ve always loved horses and have wanted to connect with one and there couldn’t have been a more perfect day than today. Thank you Kate and Cowboy (the horse) for bringing healing to my soul.” – Alyssa C., Graphic Designer



“Your coaching style is very loving and kind. You really tune into the horses and the people. You are where you should be and I enjoyed the entire workshop.” – Cynthia R., Retired 



“Thank you for the amazing coaching and new experience for my 11-yeard old niece. It was actually her top favorite experience this holiday and I am so glad I bought her a gift certificate. She loved that she made a new friend (with the horse) at a time when she most needs connection and support.” – Jane J., Chiropractor 



"Through a series of exercises I was able to build better coping skills for the stress I have been experiencing while finishing my degree. Spending time with horses is something I loved as a child and today offered the unique opportunity to address issues around my self-care. Kate and Lindsay (the horse) helped me realize that through better self-care and inner calm, that I can find the power to complete my goals. As I move towards a new phase of my career, this session with Kate has helped me embrace the importance of celebrating my accomplishments along the way and focusing on my inner state as I am completing major projects. I became happy with the achievements I’ve made thus far and how my life is moving forward.” – Jodi R., Art Dealer



"I would highly recommend equine therapy and found Kate to be an amazing coach/facilitator. Working with the horses provided immediate and powerful feedback on how I was showing up energetically. It allowed me to play with different ways of being and assisted me in finding creative solutions to current issues in my life. I found the horses to be great teachers and especially appreciated Kate’s courage, passion and intuition in leading us through the process.  It was also a lot of fun!" - George L., Entrepreneur 



"The exercises we went through at the ranch tied in very nicely to what we were going through as a sales and marketing group. Our ability to connect with those beautiful creatures using very little verbal cues, was a great reminder of how we need to connect to people. It's tremendously important to be reminded of this, as our business is 100% digital and filled with constant distractions. The instructors were calm and warm, which is exactly what we needed as we stepped into the pasture with several 1,200 pound horses. The time we spent with the staff and with the horses was enriching on a lot of levels. I would gladly recommend this for anyone who wants a day to slow down and connect with nature." - Nick R., Executive at EA Games 



"I was very happy to have purchased a gift of an equine coaching session for my 11 year-old nephew. When I watched Kate facilitate, I was impressed with her loving presence, great questions, and intuitive approach. She gently encouraged my nephew to step into his inner power, express his true feelings, and draw boundaries with the horse, all skills he can directly apply to whenever he is being bullied by other kids in his life."  - Dawn S., Corporate VP



"Equine coaching under Kate's guidance is the most amazing healing experience I've ever had. In the labryinth I started to let go and relax into the present moment and in the arena with the horses I grounded into the truth of what and who I am as they reflected this to me. Thanks to her knowledge, support, and very intuitive insights, Kate is going to help you to surrender, open up to your higher self, find healthy boundaries in your life, and answers to your questions. This is a very worthwhile session, and a human/horse encounter you won't forget!"

- Laurent P., Intuitive Life Coach & Filmmaker



"I went for the demo and came back for the package session with Kate. It was a wonderful experience... the ranch is beautiful and all of the horses are sweet. I loved the meditation in the trees; it was serenity at its best. You should come with an open mind to this experience-- seeing horses as teachers. As a result, I became much more intuitive. Kate is a great communicator and she is a very intuitive herself, thus, she is able to give valuable insights. I especially LOVE Kate's summary of our meetings, her highlights are on point, well written and thorough. This was a fun, relaxing and useful experience." – Paula P., Entrepreneur 



"If you had told me beforehand, I might not have believed you. If you had said that mazing through a stone labyrinth, then standing vulnerable & confused (yet at the same time excited & thrilled) in a horse corral, trying to communicate with the horses to stand in a very specific location using only body movements- all while having a gentle Life Coach guide you (using self-questions) through your own inner labyrinth & corral - maybe contextually the elements don't seem to (at first glance) have a place in answering our deeper questions. Take a second glance. This is the first time in months I feel HOPE. I wasn't standing in front of a mirror with this exercise, I was standing IN the mirror & that is an experience you have to actually experience to understand. Otherwise, I'm just here telling you to trust me that walking in mazes & learning to communicate with horses WILL give you ANSWERS. I'll be back to learn again from the other participants, the horses, the guides and... myself." - Amarie D., Writer



"Prior to attending Kate's Equine Coaching session, I did not understand what it meant that horses have the ability to mirror a person's emotions and state of mind. After experiencing the workshop I felt so enlightened and moved by these creatures' ability to sense human energy the way I never expected. When it was my turn to move one of the horses towards my goal, it was a challenge to get this horse to move in the right direction. The horses were ignoring my request and did what they wanted and were running in all different directions around the space, never stopping near the area I was trying to move them into. I started laughing out loud as in that instant I realized how clearly they were both mirroring my lack of focus and confidence in pursuing one of my big dreams. I felt as if they were telling me "quit horsing around" and start taking your dreams seriously.  This powerful message resonated with me and lingered beyond that inspiring experience." - Iva R., Herbalife Product Marketer


"I had an extraordinary time at the ranch and was moved beyond words as I learned deep and impactful truths. With your kind, open, supportive and interested manner, you paved the way for me to be open and honest about my own expectations. I realized I wasn’t in my body, I was anxious, and I was trying hard to make things happen but when I became more present and spoke my truth then the horses were drawn to me. I realized that being me was enough!  It was an amazing lesson that I can apply to the rest of my life. None of this would have happened, or could have been possible had you not been there to guide us and provide the safe and nurturing arena to play in. I look forward to coming back!" - Kerry D., Producer


"The combination of Kate and the horses made for an extraordinary experience. Kate possesses an uncanny perceptiveness and the horses have an innate intuition to deliver exactly what is needed. Together they can zero in on whatever unexplored issues you might have been subconsciously burying for years. You are guaranteed to be surprised at what bubbles up to the surface." -Madelyn H., Marketer/Business Owner

"Kate stretched my thinking and field of vision delivering the needed results-oriented support. Nothing’s impossible when you get the right support. If you want to own your inner rockstar, look no further.  Kate’s coaching is intuitive and commanding with a commercial point of view that ignites possibility. Moving to another level of excellence in your field requires support." - Melanie L., Writer & Filmmaker

"Kate is always a very inspirational and positive person to be around and I have found this has rubbed off on me. Kate's equine leadership work helped me to brush up on my equestrian skills, learn effective stress reduction strategies, and I felt comfortable following her lead. Kate also coached me through creating a vision board. That vision board has helped me focus on what I want out of life from a broader perspective and truly manifested my goals. Kate has an instinct and knowledge to help people find their highest potential and is compassionate. This is a great mix that helps ensure anyone who turns to her for coaching can feel at ease and comfortable while seeking guidance. I would HIGHLY recommend her as a coach, especially if you want your dreams to come true!" - Nicole H., Sales Representative 

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