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My Eternal Moment With Wayne Dyer in Hawaii

This is a story I’ve always wanted to share but feel compelled to do so after hearing of Wayne Dyer’s passing.

When a friend invited me to travel to Maui with her I made a casual joke that we should see if Wayne Dyer was around when we got there. She wrote back saying she had a family connection to him and we could probably meet him.

I sat at my desk in awe. It really was a small world after all. I had followed Wayne’s work for many years and he had profoundly affected my consciousness. The idea of meeting him in person was a big dream and also felt far-fetched until that moment.

When we landed on the island I asked my friend if she was serious and we could actually see him. She promptly reached out to her connection. We didn’t hear back for a while and so I decided to use Wayne’s “The Power of Intention” to meet Wayne. I also pulled out one of his books, “Living The Wisdom of the Tao“, and read it on the beach. Every day we were there I heard him saying “sure, I’ll see them” and I saw myself in his presence.

Then the phone rang and we were offered a chance to visit with him in his home on the beach. I was so thrilled, the power of intention worked! I’ll never forget our walk over there. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to do with myself except set more intentions. When he invited us in and we sat down on the couch I went tongue tied and couldn’t speak.

I’ve been in meetings with the CEOs of large movie studios, I’ve walked Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore down the red carpet at their movie’s premiere, I was Tom Jones’ escort at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, and none of that fazed me the way meeting Wayne did. I was star struck by his huge heart and wisdom.

My normally extroverted-self went silent and my normally introverted friend was talkative, calm and centered. She answered all of Wayne’s curious and loving questions about our Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. He really wanted to know if we meditated and highly encouraged this practice.

About ten minutes went by and I don’t think I uttered a word. All I could do was smile. He turned and looked right at me and I looked back and we both smiled this huge, authentic, loving, soulful smile. I felt the entire world melt away and I felt his huge heart. It was a moment in eternity. It was soul gazing. I felt filled with love and I realized that no words could ever be sufficient for the energy exchange with a beloved mentor.

That moment with him was a priceless, life-changing experience for me. As a very verbose extrovert who typically connects through words, the heart energy and soulful stare was so much deeper than I could ever imagine.

Then he gave us books, big hugs and was off to play in the ocean surf. I gave him my sizzle reel for Synergy TV, still in a daze but also knowing I had to at least tell him about my contribution to conscious media in case he wanted to help.

This memory came flooding back to me as I learned of Wayne leaving his body. I have endless gratitude for what he brought to the world and how he shared his gifts and deep connection with Spirit. I trust that he will not be “resting in peace” on the Other Side but will be “active in peace” and helping humanity wake up from another time/space/dimension. He is, after all, the “Godfather” of personal development and put many of us on our paths to enlightenment so why would he stop now?!

There are many things Wayne taught me through his mentorship but my favorite is his message to be a curious and willing student of life. Of all the talks, books, CDs, and movies/PBS recordings I’ve read/seen of his, the biggest lesson that stood out to me was when he said that the reason he was given so much opportunity was because he teaches what he learns. He takes it all in and then shares it. It was his divine assignment to do so.

Wayne, in your honor and legacy I do the same here. I’m sharing that your power of intention works (yes, I used your own book to get a meeting with you!) and that an exchange of love can be a million times more profound than words. And to always, always be a student of life. There is still so much to learn and teach!

Thank you for you being you. Thank you for being a trailblazer. Thank you for playing your own unique note in the orchestra of an awakening humanity. Your legacy lives on.....

Much love and soulful smiles :)



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