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Lessons I Learned From The Dalai Lama

Seeing His Holiness the Dalai Lama speak has been on my bucket-list ever since I read his book “The Art of Happiness” which changed my life years ago. Just recently I finished his book “An Open Heart” and set a very clear intention to give him a hug one day. I wasn’t attached to how or when this would happen, just that I could be in his presence and let him know I love and appreciate him.

So you can imagine my delight when three days after this intention a friend asked me to go see him last minute at the Forum in Inglewood, CA just thirty minutes away. I couldn’t believe how quickly my intention had manifested and even though I probably wouldn’t get to physically hug him, I knew I could energetically from the audience.

When His Holiness came on stage all of my senses woke up and I could feel my heart start to expand. Tears were welling up in my eyes at one point as well. I did my best to stay present and take it all in because his energy and teachings are palpable.

Here are the “cliff notes” from his talk that day:

- Peace – it starts within

- Compassion – it’s a strength and it’s needed for survival, it’s not a luxury

- Service – it’s a devotion to help others and taking care of others’ well-being

- Humility – he knows he is just one human being

- Happiness – we all have this desire and we all have the right to achieve it

- Tolerance – anger hurts our immune system and we can choose to smile at each other

- Transparency – it brings trust and is the basis of friendship

- Gratitude – appreciate goodness and respect one another

- Global responsibility – there are 7 billion people here with us and we are all connected

- Balance – we need physical comfort and internal values

There were two main topics he covered as well. One was about reducing the gap between the wealthy and the poor. He said that he had met poor people who think they are inferior but he told them (and us) that there are no differences in our ability, just in our thinking. When we change our mind we can have more self-confidence and then anything is possible. I have seen this to be true with many people who have risen to stardom from poverty.

He also talked about innovation and education. He says that America produces many new models of innovation but we have to find new ways to educate here. We can use our profession to send positive messages to millions of people (this is my intention with Synergy TV). He believes that the future is wide open and there is a real possibility of change. He also mentioned that the millennial generation can help us to solve problems and the older generations have to stop making them.

I also wondered why so many people love and follow this incredible man? I like to study strong leaders as I do my best to learn from them and emulate their ways as I too want to create big, positive change in the world.

I believe people follow his leadership because he exudes a calm, wise, loving, joyful presence. He smiles at us, jokes around, and this is infectious and raises our vibration and consciousness. He also shows us there is a different way to live and lead in this world. And yet, he reminds us that we are just like him inside.

This was my favorite quote from his talk: “Self-love comes from saying we are done with suffering and want a happy life.”

I hope that you get to meet him one day too if your heart desires to do so. If you have already met him, please share your story here!

Thanks for reading,

Kate Neligan

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