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15 Behaviors You Might Want To Copy From Katy Perry

Katy Perry is truly a Conscious Rockstar. She exudes confidence, joy, success, boldness, charisma, femininity, and sex (yet also next-door-neighbor)-appeal. Her songs are not only catchy and fun but they are also full of inspiring messages.

I have always had a huge affinity for Katy Perry. My friend's back east used to think of me every time they heard the song "California Girls" and when "Firework" came out it became my personal empowerment song and anthem. "Wide Awake" also gave me head to toe chills the first time i watched the music video because the portrayal of her break-up reminded me so much of my own (esp. the little Katheryn (minus the E for me) bicycle.

I recently watched her documentary after a friend told me that I would love it, despite my original thoughts that it would be silly and not for me. I feel even more in love with Katy Perry and felt super motivated after watching. I had to grab my notebook as I realized her behavior is that of a strong, authentic leader, one who I can learn from and emulate.

Here are the 15 helpful behaviors any leader or entrepreneur could copy from Katy Perry to be more successful in life and business:

1) She stays true to herself

2) She embraces her weirdness

3) She never, ever, ever gave up

4) She vulnerably shares herself (her lyrics are basically from her "diary")

5) She inspires people to go for their dreams and makes others feel happy

6) She broke away from her family (aka tribe) to follow her own path rather than following the "shoulds"

7) She learned from failure and found the silver lining

8) She has a clear vision in her head of where she wants to go and what she wants to do

9) She gives back to her audience (she knows they helped make her a star)

10) She is willing to look silly and be playful

11) She celebrates her successes

12) She surrounds herself with great people who have her back

13) She made her dreams come true and believes in fairy tales (i.e. achieving something great)

14) She put in years of hard work and keeps her commitments even when she is tired

15) She literally knocked on a door to get her first opportunity

What people love about Katy is that she makes them feel like they can be ANYONE they want to be. By being an example of unique light in the world, she gives every one permission to show their quirks and be themselves.

This film really shows how Katy's uniqueness, and even her colorful weirdness, makes her so successful and adored by her fans. I realized its time to start embracing my own true colors rather than shunning and hiding them! "Come on let your colors're gonna leave them all in awe, awe, awe!"

Live a life that rocks,

Kate Neligan

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